Connected Packaging webcast

2020-10-27 –

The appeal of interactive packaging is heightened when shoppers – as currently – are trying to avoid touching products. Connected packaging offers real added value for shoppers and consumers, ensuring that opportunities for engagement and fun are not neglected.

Using a smartphone, shoppers and consumers can access barrier-free information in any language about product origins, handling, ingredients/allergens and recyclability via codes, image markers or tags.
Brands and retailers can also benefit from data on purchase and usage times and locations, as well as direct consumer feedback.

To ensure this works equally well on- and offline, ‘mobile-ready hero images’ play an important role.

What can I learn – and why are QR Codes so exciting right now?

Teaming up with retail expert Marco van Eersel and online specialist Gerald Bumann, we’ll discuss:

1. What added value Connected Packaging can deliver
2. How to create an exciting shopper experience with QR codes that are said to be dead
3. How Augmented Reality can bring packaging to life on- and offline.

Who’s it for?

We’re sharing our valuable tips with marketing executives, brand managers, shopper marketing experts and packaging designers.

Webcast team: Claudia Rivinius, Marco van Eersel and Gerald Bumann