4 POPAI D-A-CH awards!

2022-03-08 –

We are delighted for 4 highly coveted POPAI D-A-CH Awards this year!

Eggers & Franke The Botanist - Bronze in the Smart Shopper Journey category

Our 360-degree launch campaign for The Botanist took shoppers and the jury deep into the Scottish origins of this new gin. A free sample pack made from cardboard helped to win over curious shoppers, while the authentic brand experience delivered by the temporary and permanent displays drove launch sales as well as longer-term success. A 3D giant gin bottle standee acted as a beacon to attract shoppers from afar. 

Ferrero Pocket Coffee display - Gold in Food, General & Confectionery - Temporary

Coffee, that Italian favourite, proved to be an inspiration for both shoppers and the POPAI jury. Our creative display solution was modelled on an Italian portafilter coffee machine and was an ideal vehicle for drawing attention to this new product in store. Made entirely from corrugated cardboard with impressive detailing, it holds 72 packs of product in shelf-ready packaging.

Rapunzel FAIRWERTE permanent display - Gold in Food, General & Confectionery - Permanent

This sustainable display solution is the perfect way to educate shoppers: every month, it showcases a different one of Rapunzel's 15 'fair values’ alongside a changing range of organic products. Made from FSC®-certified wood and metal, with interchangeable cardboard elements, it is durable, moveable, and highly flexible.

Sustainable Ritex e-commerce packaging - Gold in the Health - Temporary category

Our book-styled packaging made from grass paper helps Ritex to rewrite the 'Love Story’ and also convince POPAI judges. Designed to stand out in online retail, this  highly original solution also proudly displays the Amazon 'climate pledge friendly’ certificate. This recognises its high proportion of recycled material, recyclability and FSC® certification. An integrated divider means that the 42 individual condoms - or ‘love stories’ - are always neatly presented inside this discreet storage box.