Elbphilharmonie in Miniature

Visitors will now be able to take home Hamburg’s new cultural landmark in miniature as a souvenir. The concept was developed and executed by packaging experts at STI Group and PAPACKS & GOERNER Group. Filled with specialty beers from the Störtebeker brewery, the ’Mini-Elphi’ is on sale in the flagship store at the new concert hall. What makes the packaging intriguing is the small LED light inside, which transforms it into a unique table lamp once the beer inside has been consumed.

This multifunctional packaging with its unique secondary use was developed by branding and design agency, wertmarke Hamburg. The brief was to create a versatile concept inspired by the Elbphilharmonie. Modelled on the building’s distinctive curved roof, the pack’s transparent plastic cover conceals its contents: typically one of the new eisbock beers or a Störtebeker rum, paired with a snack and matching glass.

An artful reminder

Such an eye-catching pack helps prolong fond memories of a visit to the concert hall. ‘This great souvenir can be re-used as a table lamp over the long term, making it sustainable in the truest sense; it’s definitely not something you would throw away after a single use. It’s a small work of art that comes to life once it has served its primary purpose as packaging,’ explains Andrea Wildies, STI Group Managing Director.

Originally exclusive to Elbphilharmonie visitors in person, plans are afoot to make the Mini-Elphi available through Störtebeker’s web store. Starting at €49.90, shoppers will soon be able to order their own copy of this illuminated miniature concert hall artwork online.