Ziegler cheese wafers

Tibor Ziegler began wafer-making in 1950. When János Ziegler left the family business he set up an independent enterprise making special cheese-flavoured wafers, using manually operated machines. Although production is now fully automated, Ziegler cheese crackers are still made using the same time-honoured recipes.

Enjoyed worldwide

The wafer plant became automated in 1980, allowing export of its wafer products to begin later that decade. The consequent rise in demand resulted in the plant being moved from Budapest to its current headquarters in Zsámbék. Ziegler wafers are now available in Germany, Austria, France, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden and Bulgaria, and you can also find them as far a field as Canada, China and even Australia. The company supplies several large retail chains, including Auchan, Lidl and Spar.

Unique product range

Ziegler’s aim is to provide a wide range of products for wafer consumers. With the trend towards healthy living, the range has expanded since 2006 to include organic, gluten-free and even diabetic wafers. As the company has its own wafer machinery, new variants can be produced without high development or service costs. Ziegler can also provide its partners with the necessary machinery to do everything from mixing the dough, blending high quality creams and baking wafer sheets, through to sorting the finished products.

Targeted packaging

STI Group was asked by Ziegler to design and produce appropriate packaging for exporting its delicious cheese medallions, which are made from real cheese without any artificial flavour enhancers. A retro style cardboard box that reflects the company’s long wafer tradition was created for the fifty-gram pack. This was launched in three different graphics to distinguish its classic, paprika and Tuscan flavours. ‘Our main target for the packaging was the U.S. adult population. We wanted to create something that our target market would visually appreciate but which would also protect the product. Creating the boxes from paper was also important as it shows our commitment to sustainability,’ states János Ziegler, Managing Director.

Window cuts on the packaging allow shoppers and consumers a tempting glimpse of the cheese wafers inside