Vive la Pallet!

2016-07-13 –

An increasing number of retailers in France are becoming aware of the importance of effective retail ready displays at the Point of Sale and are increasingly opting for the new quarter pallet from CHEP.

When the six largest French retailers  – Carrefour, Leclerc, ITM, Casino, System U and Auchan – were asked about what they were looking for in an ideal display in retail, the answer was nearly the same: it should boost sales with its attractive appearance, be stable, recyclable; sustainable and save time and costs in assembly as well as dismantling. Another equally important feature was large-scale standardisation as this enabled significantly greater efficiency.

The new generation of CHEP Pallets

As the majority of displays are delivered loaded on pallets, it is important that they are visually attractive as well. What is absolutely crucial, however, is that they enable easy and efficient handling and hassle-free assembly of displays. Like the new CHEP quarter pallet that is set for rollout on a large scale in France in March 2016. The new generation of carriers is lighter, easier to handle, 100 percent CO2-neutral and much more efficient than its predecessor with respect to loading the displays. The new blue click system for attachment has already been tried and tested successfully by several manufacturers of branded goods and retailers from all across Europe.

Lined up next to each other, these quarter pallets are the ideal carrier for large-format stores. At the same time, they have huge potential for the increasing number of small-format stores and corner shops. Thus one kind of unit can cater to different sales channels.

"At present, CHEP has a market share of over 20% percent of the quarter pallet market in France", says Sebastian Deloume, Director of Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, CHEP France. "Demand for the quarter pallet is already so high that we expect a significant increase in sales with the rollout of the new generation. Awards such as the French Oscar of packaging and an award for sustainable innovation have also contributed to this surge." Customers too acknowledge that CHEP has been a strong partner in the French logistics market for quite some time now. According to Lionel Dufau, Managing Director, Cémoi, a major French chocolate maker: "For us, CHEP stands out for its efficiency in particular. Whether it’s product delivery, standardisation, offers or quality – we, and our customers, are happy with CHEP."

European Champion at the Point of Sale

France is the European Champion when it comes to sales promotions. In no other country in Europe do manufacturers invest as much for a successful market presence in retail. For 2016, French retailers are once again expecting an upward swing of at least five to seven percent in their display activities. The reason: the European Football Championship.