Viva Nachos

2015-07-10 –

Every activity has a snack soulmate and when it comes to watching a film, corn nachos have got to be the perfect partner. Available in different flavours, these crunchy delights are almost a compulsory accessory for movie lovers the world over and make a great snack at any time. The taste experience is enhanced further when you add a dipping sauce.

The Granny's Viva & Nacho Dip combo was launched in 2014 and is available in two flavours: plain nachos with a salsa dipping sauce, and barbecue-flavoured nachos with a cheese sauce.

‘Our main expectation for the packaging was to deliver our products to consumers in a youthful, buoyant way. We were also keen to find a solution that would contain the nachos and dip in a single package, but present each component separately for the consumer,’ says Correa Anderson, Head of Teamkoncept Kft.

The solution is unique. Packaging specialists from STI Petőfi Nyomda developed a folding carton with a perforated tearing strip running around three of the sides, based on drawings provided by the customer. When a consumer tears this perforation the packaging opens up neatly into two separate but connected parts, offering the convenience of a delicious – and still crunchy – snack, with a tasty sauce ready for dipping.