Twonsters® Launch Display

Although Twonsters® live high up among the clouds, they should feel right at home for their retail launch – in a tree house! Painstakingly crafted details such as grass, a tree house ladder, and wood grain all work together to create an authentic looking floor-standing display that will appeal to grown-up decision makers as well as children. Large windows on all sides of this simple display offer a great view of the cuddly Twonsters®, which are displayed without packaging to invite shoppers to touch them, pick their favourites and take them home.

Printed on both sides, the display also scores points for using minimal amounts of material to maximum effect: material cut from the window openings is used to create the supporting shelves. An extra floor panel ensures optimal weight distribution. The floorstand also gets top marks for being easy to assemble and to fill, and also for being quick to place in retail; in just a few simple steps.   Twonsters® from Schmidt Spiele are the perfect addition to a successful range of soft toys.

Although each of the nine toys has a unique design, all the Twonsters® have one characteristic in common – they have two faces. Whether that’s happy and sad or angry and calm, these toys can help young children to express their state of mind in an instant.  

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