Try and Buy

Special display for Leibniz Keks’n Cream launch  

The Leibniz butter biscuit with its 52 teeth has been a much-loved family treat for 125 years. Can anything beat it? Yes! Two Leibniz butter biscuits with a delicious chocolate cream filling: the Leibniz Keks’n Cream.  

In store, an unmissable secondary display transports shoppers into an emotionally engaging environment where they can savour a taste and enjoy the experience of exploring and buying the product.  

Attract – Engage – Sell  

Leibniz is using a proven Attract – Engage – Sell approach to convert shoppers into buyers. A 3D-effect arch stretching over a pallet or circular display is conspicuous from a distance and effectively communicates the product USP: Keks’n Cream is not only delicious, but comes in a resealable pack, making it easy to dispense the product.  

In front of the display, totems incorporating an optical illusion poster ensure that shoppers linger to interact with the product. Based on the hollow face illusion, the poster seems to turn and follow shoppers’ movements. This element of surprise is what makes people stop, curious about how the effect is created. With its in-built sampling tray, the totem ensures that shoppers are tempted to try the product and it ends up in their trolleys.