Sweet Treats

This Dualpack for Elly Seidl was designed to hold an assortment of pralines, but its flexibility makes it perfect for both B2B and online shipping, of both premium confectionery and the finest cooking chocolate.

Depending on the contents and quantity, the lid of this two-part corrugated packaging can be folded in the middle to create a single, smaller box. This offers more shipping options and reduced use of fillers with only one box size.

With this packaging design Elly Seidl satisfies the consumers command for shipping boxes tailored to size of its contents. According to a survey on e-commerce packaging conducted by the STI Group in February 2016, consumers don’t want to receive “empty air’ shipped in oversized packaging with excessive padding.

DualPack, a win-win solution for Online Retailers

Elly Seidl can cover several standard sizes with an appropriately sized packaging – the packaging can be reduced to half its size in a few simple steps. This makes it possible to use a single packaging to ship two parcel sizes. Another plus for retailers is that the DualPack takes up less warehousing space as the top and bottom part of this innovative solution is identical.