Sustainable Bag-in-box

Wine boxes are great for spreading cheer; at least that is what many South Africans believe, having coined the affectionate term ‘happy box’. And they should know; after Sweden, South Africa is the country with the second-largest share of bag-in-box wines.

The benefits over glass bottles are clear. Bag-in-box packaging offers improved logistics with lower costs, uses less material and reduces the CO2 footprint by up to 80%. And while conventional Bag-in-box solutions are usually just described as ‘square, functional, good’, STI Group has developed its own creative take on the concept.

And so the Jolie Carton becomes the ‘must-have’ of the season: great as a gift and fun as a party accessory or for a girls’ night in. Packaging wine in this handbag format combines elegant design with a sustainable solution. Just like a traditional style Bag-in-Box, this handbag conceals a 1.5-litre wineskin with integrated tap – meaning it stays fresh for six weeks after opening, whether chilled or not.

Bag-in-box packaging for wine