Stylish display range

As any woman who has used a Tangle Teezer will know, not all hairbrushes are created equal. Instead of struggling painfully with a typical hairbrush, thousands now comb their hair in comfort and style with the handy Tangle Teezer from New Flag.

New Flag products are available in its own online store as well as those of cosmetics and other retailers. But the internet is far more than just a sales platform for these lifestyle brands. Its social media presence on Facebook and Instagram helps to build brand image; the invisibobble endorsement by social media stars Lisa and Lena has given it an even bigger platform, which reaches an audience of over 9.3 million – and that’s just the twins’ Instagram followers.

Identity equals impulse

Only in-store merchandising creates more contacts than online merchandising. Here too, it’s about turning Tangle Teezer and invisibobble into a brand experience for the target group and highlighting the emotional and lifestyle elements of online brand communications. New Flag believes that a consistent carryover of brand identity is extremely important in display design.

dm installs shelf display

With the plastic shelf display, STI Group created a permanent presence for New Flag in over 1,800 dm drugstores across Germany. A modular system, it allows flexible placement of Tangle Teezers and invisibobbles, and guarantees clear and organized on shelf presentation. The display also defends a permanent location on shelf for these winning products, making it easy for fans to find their brand again, and again.

Ready to shop

To create an attention-grabbing sales promotion campaign in Rossmann stores, STI Group designed, produced, assembled and filled a corrugated secondary display. An attractive unit, it draws shopper attention to the products it houses – providing a compact way to present endorsements with plenty of space for communicating the brand message. Presenting the products playfully, on a light background with suspended trays, helps this secondary display to highlight the product range’s lifestyle features. Not only chic, the display is also very convenient: the prefilled units are shipped ready-to-shop, so all store staff need to do is open and position the display.