STI Group to present the world’s biggest advertising column at the FachPack 2015

2015-09-24 –
advertising column for retail

The DROP'N POP column works exactly as its name suggests: the attractive advertising medium unfolds by itself. The large-format decorative column made of cardboard is delivered as a handy packet. If you hold the column at the upper end and just let the lower part drop, the column pops up automatically – DROP'N POP! Manufacturers and retailers swear by its clever mechanism and easy handling. The true grandeur of this best-selling product of the STI Group unfolded at the FachPack 2015.

With a height of ten meters and width of 2.3 meters, the advertising column presented in Nuremberg is the largest advertising medium of its kind in the world. This giant among DROP'N POP columns weighs a proud 200 kilograms and –  unlike its smaller siblings in  standard retail sizes – cannot be carried in hand or automatically unfolded. However, all  DROP'N POP columns, regardless of their height, have one thing in common: they stand out for their unusually large advertising space to effectively showcase brands. With its shape and distinctive look, the creative advertising column made of cardboard draws the eye even from far in retail stores.  

100 percent set-up Rate

In addition to its promotional impact, the DROP'N POP column also scores big for its strong presence in retail. Whereas, in some POS campaigns, only 60 percent of displays are set up, because the store staff does not have time for it or because the structure and assembly are just too complicated, the in-store set-up rate for DROP'N POP columns is nearly 100 percent.

Set up in 3 seconds

DROP'N POP columns are composed of 99.5 percent cardboard and at the end of the promotion can be simply recycled through the waste paper recycling system. Now with a patented elastic band system, this classic advertising column also scores points for its mechanics. It takes all of 3 seconds to set up this column!

Small Transport Volume

When folded up and packed, DROP`N POP columns only measure about 50 x 40 cm and are 3.5cm tall –  the trunk of the salesperson’s car can thus hold up to 50 units.  Thus, not only are these creative advertising columns practical and convenient to transport, but they also save CO2 because of their transport volume.


DROP'N POP columns grab attention everywhere – be it retail stores, promotions or trade fairs – and can be reused several times. Stocked with flyers or fitted with Eurohooks, they can also be used to convey information and distribute contest entry forms or to directly sell products.