STI Group POS solution celebrates SIG Combibloc sustainability goal

STI Group’s latest consumer survey shows that sustainability is a key trend in packaging. Resource conservation, reduced material usage and raw material origin are all considered important factors. For paper-based packaging manufacturers, the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) label is an important proof of origin, indicating that the wood used for paper production has been sourced from responsible forestry.

SIG Combibloc, a manufacturer of carton packaging for ambient beverages and foods, certified all its production facilities worldwide in accordance with the FSC back in 2009, so it could meet the needs of customers requesting cartons bearing the FSC label. Now, as of August 2016, SIG is permitted to use the FSC label for 100% of its carton packs, having sourced sufficient quantities of wood from FSC-certified and responsibly managed forests for the production of unprocessed cardboard.

FSC cardboard tree as communication tool

Achieving 100% FSC labelling was not only communicated externally but also internally, to encourage all employees to be sustainability ambassadors. As part of this initiative, employees around the world were given free orange juice in FSC-labelled cartons in company cafeterias.

Three thousand orange juice cartons were distributed across Europe, presented in a themed display supplied by STI Group to reinforce the important sustainability message. Tree-shaped and standing over two metres tall, the display is – of course – made from FSC-certified corrugated board.  

At its heart is a standard shelved display to carry the cartons, surrounded by die-cut claddings in the shape of a tree trunk and crown – easily attached with Velcro – to create an eye catching display. Digital print brings to life the simple design, with a clear message celebrating the achievement. Despite the size of the display, it can be conveniently flat-packed thanks to its clever design. Packing into compact kits helps to minimise the environmental impact of shipping the displays to each location, yet the kit can still be set up on site in next to no time.

STI Group: expert partner in sustainability

‘As one of the leading manufacturers of food and beverage carton packs, protecting our global forests is an important corporate goal for us. To promote this Corporate Responsibility initiative internally, we wanted a display partner to whom sustainability was just as important. We found the right display manufacturer in STI Group, which also exercises its environmental and social responsibility, and are delighted with the bespoke service we have received,’ says Ingo Büttgen, Head of Global Communications at SIG Combibloc.