Showing off organic shower range

PRIMAVERA LIFE products are, quite literally, food for both skin and senses. For over 30 years the company has been producing high-quality aromatherapy products and natural cosmetics. Pure organic oils are at the heart of their sustainable, natural product ranges for body, mind and soul. 

In health food shops, pharmacies, selected drugstores and organic food retailers, PRIMAVERA's organic shower range is presented in an eye-catching display developed by STI Group.

Kerstin Klein, responsible for trade marketing at PRIMAVERA, explains: ‘The communication priority for our feel-good showers, and therefore for the display, is the ingredients. STI Group’s expert designers have developed a solution that, with its beautiful organic shape, instantly connects with the natural origins of our products.’

Spotlight on ingredients

Both the base and the back wall of the corrugated board display are shaped so that construction flows seamlessly into the graphic design to maximize impact. To one side, the softly curved cladding curls upwards like the tendril of a plant, directing shoppers' attention to the leaflet holder offering further information.

Harmonised design and function

Four feel-good showers are presented on the display. Each fragrance is clearly identified on one of the three shelves, which are strongly colour-coded for quick orientation. Rounded shelf edges extend the organic design theme and also offer an extra-large communication area.

Kerstin Klein is enthusiastic about the result. ‘Our aim was to attract new target customers to our feel-good showers with an attention-grabbing off-shelf placement. We succeeded. The delicate, inviting design, with its exquisite matt finish, emphasizes the premium nature of the ingredients and creates a real wow effect. On every level it appeals to our target group: shoppers who appreciate and prefer natural fragrances and cosmetics.’

Prominent presentation of the shower balms in store combined with increased shopper interest at the point of sale confirms the real impact of this display solution.