Show off your style

‘SHOWBOX 2.0 offers everything I could ask for when it comes to my shoes,’ wrote leading sneaker blogger Peter Kulawik on Six weeks later he published a photo on Instagram of 30 of these innovative cardboard storage boxes, showcasing his favourite sneakers. YesAdidas has also shared an image of the stylish storage system with over half a million followers, commenting ‘Perfect for storing shoes’.

SHOWBOX is becoming a must-have item if the online community is anything to go by. Individual boxes can be stacked to create any layout, the interlocking studs holding modules together to form a stable system. This creates a storage cabinet that is not merely customised but organic, able to expand and change every time a new SHOWBOX is added. A side window provides a clear view of the box contents, with additional options such as lighting strips enabling proud shoe owners to show off their favourite pairs.

Versatile viewing

‘Although SHOWBOX was originally developed for trainers, there are many ways to adapt the box interior to hold just about any item imaginable. From shoes to DVDs, toys, accessories, books, model cars, souvenirs… the list is endless,’ says Manuel Leibrock, Head of Marketing & Project Management for SHOWBOX at PAPACKS Sales. ‘The way these modular boxes fit together creates a unique piece of furniture. This also makes SHOWBOX a perfect marketing tool for companies.’  

Companies can create a customised SHOWBOX with a minimum order of just 250 units. Consumers can buy in stores or online at