Recipe for brand success

Empathy, values and credibility - the secret recipe of a successful brand. Emotional connection, a clear and credible USP and authentic presentation give brands an unmistakable character. This character makes consumers feel positive: ‘My brand is there for me and helps me to solve this problem.’

Brand owners take great care and attention to detail when building awareness and loyalty through classic and online advertising. The culmination of brand management is shopper marketing – making the brand feel real and relevant when the purchase decision is made in store. That’s where Sanella is so successful.

Sanella – something for everyone

For over 100 years, Sanella margarine has been closely associated with baking: ‘Baking is love. Sanella is baking’. Sanella is the start of every great bake, as suggested by the brand website, where consumers can find recipes for almost anything. ‘Baking is usually for an occasion,’ says Änne Schwarz, Marketing BAKING D-A-CH (Sanella and Thea) ‘Using seasonal highlights such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s Eve as a communication event has proven very successful in recent years.’

Brand massage at the POS

Sanella developed a special campaign for Easter, which included a rabbit-shaped cookie cutter giveaway with 500-gram tubs of Sanella. The implication: just like Christmas, Easter is a family celebration, and half the fun is in the preparation.

‘Rabbit cutters are not as common in households as stars and Christmas trees, which increases the incentive to buy. This on-pack is not only free of charge, it makes a valuable addition to your cookie cutter collection,’ says Schwarz.

The cutter is attached to the 500-gram tub using a cardboard band with a cheerful and emotionally appealing design to make the connection with Easter clear. A recipe idea on the inside of the band inspires Easter baking, encouraging consumers to use Sanella more.

Attractive presentation

The Easter edition is available in trays of 16 Sanella tubs. Off shelf, attention-grabbing displays set the stage for the promotion. ‘For this activity we used the standard trays and displays that are part of our modular range,’ explains Schwarz. ‘As the tools are available and we have a price matrix, we can be extremely flexible, while saving development time and cost.’

Occasions to buy

Sanella reflects a trend identified by market research institute GfK: that 42% of all food retail purchases are made on a case-by-case basis. That means almost every other purchase of a product is for a specific event. Easter is the second most important holiday after Christmas when it comes to shopping.