Raise your glass in style

Having maintained top spot on German restaurant tables for many years, the distinctive glass bottle from S. Pellegrino is now available in retail stores – allowing customers to enjoy the special mineral water in the comfort of their home.

With S. Pellegrino, the discerning amateur chef can now buy a water that benefits his passion. And it`s available right where he shops for his perfect dinner ingredients, too: at the cheese counter, or next to the wine shelves. By cross-merchandising with premium quality food products, the brand is showcased in the right setting.

Standing out in 3D

Different decorative elements make up the brand`s retail presentation. At the heart of the POS campaign is a black DROP`N POP column. A 3D-effect topper catches shoppers` eyes – and holds their attention with a rather clever optical illusion. 3D Sight Fiction, using a special folding technique on the corrugated board topper, gives the impression that the crate is turning towards the shopper as he walks past. This element of surprise stops people in their tracks and encourages potential buyers to pick up the product. Two crates of S. Pellegrino placed in the lower part of the column help to enhance the 3 D effect.

Dispersion varnish further enhances the appeal of the number one fine dining mineral water brand. Hobby cooks and discerning gourmets alike are encouraged to buy the elegant black crate and bring Bella Italia to their dinner table.

POS Decoration with 3D-effect