Premium Spirits Display

A standardised design that looks attractive and is easy to assemble – for multi-brand manufacturers, these are the most desirable aspects of their POS material. Meeting all these criteria is this premium shelf display for BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT MATTHIESEN GMBH & CO.

At the heart of this premium shelf display is a universal body with trays; this same structure is used for every brand. Die-cut side panels, shaped and coloured to represent the distinctive liquor bottles, enable the display to be tailored to each brand.

Easy Handling Increases Compliance

Despite its striking appearance, this display still folds into a compact size for transport in a salesperson’s car boot. Once in store, it is simple to open out the body with its glued side panels, turn out the sides of the trays and insert them. Quick set up increases compliance and encourages more flexible placement.  

When sited out of category, the impact of the display is enhanced. The instantly familiar giant bottles encourage shoppers to take a closer look, increasing the chance of purchase. This open and accessible style of display is shoppable on both sides, making it twice as inviting.

POS Display for spirits