Premium counter display shines in pharmacy

Counter Display for Pharmacies

NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station know what clear breathing feels like. Near-zero gravity helps keep their nasal passages open, so they snore less and sleep more restfully. Otrivin does much the same thing for earth-bound consumers, offering relief from runny or stuffy noses.

The Mouth, the Nose and Otto, new brand ambassadors, have been explaining how Otrivin unblocks noses in TV ads since October 2015.  Pharmacy customers will recognise the Nose as they learn about three different nasal congestion products in this silver-foiled counter display. The premium unit from STI Group holds ten folding boxes of each Otrivin product and highlights its benefit: breathe freely all night, fresh menthol kick, and innovative double action. Coloured compartments clearly distinguish each product, while an insertable back panel employs key imagery to educate shoppers. The Otrivin Nose reminds consumers about their desire for a clear nose and better breathing, to trigger impulse purchase. A hit with pharmacies as well as consumers, the counter unit has a space-saving footprint yet is quick and easy to refill. Its design perfectly matches the product packaging, with reflective foil to catch the eye whether the display is full or half empty.