Premium corrugated displays

Freixenet has gone on the innovation offensive to add fresh impetus to the on-trend wine cocktail segment with new Mia Cocktail, offered in a range of flavours. The visual presentation is as effervescent as the drink itself, radiating a modern and exuberant spirit. Clean and bright, the launch displays perfectly communicate this vibrant personality.  

Designed for long-term use in retail stores, this 360-degree solution is – unusually for a permanent display – made from corrugated board with a high-end finish. Inherently stable, the display is perfect for integrating into store layouts over a longer period of time and can withstand regular remerchandising.  

Uniquely shaped, the display provides a large communication area that highlights both product and brand from every viewing angle. The radiant white background overlaid with the familiar and colourful Mia mosaic particularly appeals to a younger target audience and stands out from other brands. Cantilevered shelves add to the light, open aesthetic to create a display that is easily shopped from all sides.    

One design, three brands  

The successful launch of Mia Cocktail and strong ensuing sales figures have prompted Freixenet to adopt this display solution for its other brands. For each brand, the display structure is customised through print.