POPAI D-A-CH Awards: 6+1 STI Group solutions nominated

2018-03-02 –

The POPAI D-A-CH Awards expert panel has nominated six STI Group displays and one special packaging design, following the jury meeting in Düsseldorf at the end of February. These winning designs represent some of the most successful packaging and display solutions from 2017 across the whole of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Concept development at STI Group always begins with the shopper and their needs. Each designer aims to address the target audience’s distinct motivations in order to increase brand sales. The target shopper can vary widely from project to project, and this is reflected in the diversity of features seen in the nominated solutions. Such features include everything from contour punching and large-scale finishing to integrated movement and spinnable displays that present two brands simultaneously.

Extra nomination

In addition to the six displays, a multifunctional gift pack – designed to look like the Elbphilharmonie concert hall and finished with a light-up roof – was also nominated. This special packaging was developed and implemented by STI Group in cooperation with PAPACKS®.

Summer ceremony

The nominations are cause for celebration but the excitement doesn’t stop there. The POPAI D-A-A-CH Awards ceremony will not take place until June 2018; only then will nominees find out whether their solutions have won a bronze, silver or gold trophy.