Perfect Shelf Placement

Secure transport, quick placement, eye-catching presentation: shelf ready packaging is in huge demand as an efficiency driver that increases product appeal.

German retailers have been using shelf ready packaging since the 1980s but its big break didn’t come until 2003, when discounters started using it on a large scale. The discount retailers had realised that optimised shelf ready packaging would deliver significant cost savings in both handling and logistics.

However, it’s not only retailers who benefit from adopting shelf ready packaging. An attractive design on the front and inside print, if needed, also provide greater brand stand-out on fixtures. Compared with merchandising individual primary packages directly on the shelf, shoppers spot products in shelf ready packaging more quickly and are more likely to put them in their trolley.  

Shelf Power

PowerBar, a leading producer of sports nutrition products, is using its slogan ‘Farther, faster, better’ for promotion at the point of sale. The brand is showcased in shelf ready packaging in both sports and food retailers. ‘PowerGels in foil pouches present a special challenge for logistics operations and retail merchandising, as the primary packaging is optimised for athletes and not for the supply chain,’ explains Barbara Marianek, Trade Marketing Manager at Active Nutrition International GmbH.

Two-part shelf ready packaging offers an all-round winning solution with secure transport as well as easy handling in retail outlets. Store staff need only open the packaging from the side, remove the cover and place the tray in position. An insert holds products securely in the tray to further enhance the on-shelf aesthetics.

‘The viewing window makes it possible for store staff to identify the brand faster and replenish stock. This helps reduce gaps on shelves and out-of-stocks,’ adds Marianek.

1001 Options

Design options for shelf ready packaging are as varied as the advantages they offer. ‘Shelf ready packaging must be tailored to the product characteristics, the filling process and the sales channel,’ explains Daniel Benasch, Head of Packaging Design at STI Group. ‘To ensure this type of packaging delivers maximum benefit, we analyse the entire supply chain during the design phase.’

PowerBar is now also using shelf ready packaging to present multipacks.