Pearls of Wisdom

Not many women would turn down a smoother, younger-looking complexion – which is why it’s great news that, despite being a premium skincare product, Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle Serum Pearls is firmly aimed at the mass market.  

As the hero product in Nivea’s anti-ageing skincare range for women, Q10+ Anti-wrinkle Serum Pearls is a prestige yet accessible product with a pioneering way of delivering its active Q10 ingredient. The serum is a moisturising gel containing hundreds of tiny protective pearls, which burst as the serum is dispensed to release a fresh dose of Q10.  

Traditionally, anti-wrinkle products have been targeted at women aged 45 and over, but the profile of consumers has gradually broadened to include those in their 30s and even 20s. Women buy Q10 Pearls both for themselves and also as a gift, so there can be significant seasonal sales peaks. One of the most important times of the year for the brand is Mothers Day.  

While many Nivea consumers are already loyal to the Q10 range, the key to success is drawing in new users by educating them about Q10: what it is, how it works and why the pearls are important.  

‘We were planning our Mothers Day strategy and wanted to create a beautiful, theatrical event with real impact. We needed to disrupt shoppers, educate them, and ideally sell Q10+ cross-category with Pearls as the hero,’ explains Lisa Hill, Beiersdorf UK POS and Shopper Marketing Manager. ‘Around the same time, Tesco approached asking whether we would work with them to bring some theatre to their stores and drive footfall into their Beauty World areas. It seemed like a perfect match.’  

With Pearls driving structural and creative development, the final POS concept was a thick pearl strand that spiraled around and over a pair of displays to create an archway.  Circular recesses held educational material that reflected the TV campaign, a Q10+ Serum Pearls tester and product, as well as other clearly differentiated Q10 products.  

‘Sampling is not something we traditionally do with Q10 but InContrast proposed a ‘Try Me’ area to complement our consumer education. Feedback from Tesco Beauty World managers suggests that it was a really effective way to engage shoppers,’ adds Hill.  

The archway POS was eagerly welcomed by Tesco Beauty World managers and clearly visible from the rest of the store, delivering the desired increase in footfall. Additional POS items were developed as part of a kit that made the activity adaptable for each store location.   

Sales data was analysed for a 6-week baseline period and compared to the 3-week period including Mothers Day.  While facecare in the market and Tesco saw slight increases, Q10+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls saw average weekly sales rise by an impressive 234%.  

‘Our Beauty World stores offer us the chance to really tailor our offering to the skincare shopper, and Nivea’s Q10 takeover did that,’ says Alex Powell, Buying Manager at Tesco. ‘It had great standout, and because it was aligned with the TV campaign it was really straightforward for the shopper to understand.’  

On the strength of this Q10 activity, now nominated for a POPAI Award, the Nivea team has been invited to work closely with Tesco to support additional Beauty World projects; watch this space!