Packed with special care

Femibion’s dietary supplement capsules are designed to support specific nutritional needs of women in every phase of pregnancy – right from the time of planning the pregnancy over the entire pregnancy period until the time they stop breastfeeding.

Femibion 2 contains folic acid and Metafolin® and is specifically meant to meet the nutritional needs of mother and child from the 13th week of pregnancy.

To promote the product and make it stand out at the POS, the STI Group has developed a promotional packaging that perfectly blends the contents with the packaging design. The folding box with cute animal motifs contains two packs of the dietary supplement capsules and also a sippy cup for the baby as add-on. The colours of the three designs match the colours of the cups inside; the cup handles form the ears of the animals illustrated on the packaging The integrated viewing window offers a clear view of the product, inspiring confidence in the product.