Packaging makes origin tangible

Cocoa beans travel a long way before they are transformed into premium chocolate. The humble jute bag, which preserves the freshness and quality of the cocoa beans, has long been the transport packaging of choice.

Jute, therefore, inspired the new packaging design for Heilemann’s single origin chocolate.

Provenance is the priority

Minis are presented in a treasure chest made of premium-finished corrugated board. Simulating a jute bag finish, the graphics are all about originality while also depicting the lengthy cocoa bean journey on a world map by highlighting the countries of origin. Embossed and gloss-finished images of chocolate emphasise and promote the product and build anticipation.

On your own, in good company or as a present

For those devoted only to milk or to dark chocolate, the pentagon-shaped boxes will draw their attention. Resembling the treasure chest in their use of jute graphics and special finishes, this packaging offers consumers a consistent brand experience, with distinctive colours showing the different flavours at one glance.

Enticing performance

Off shelf, the origin of the cocoa is also a significant element of the product presentation. Chocolate bars and chocolate sticks are showcased in floor displays that share the packaging design.