Open your eyes to Virtual Reality

Jet off to New York for your coffee break, go skydiving at midnight or tour your dream house over breakfast; Virtual Reality (VR) makes the impossible possible and is bursting with opportunity.

Virtual reality (VR) is the perception of reality in a virtual environment. When VR pictures or videos taken with appropriate technology or studio-programmed animations are accessed through a smartphone, they are processed so that two images from different perspectives are both shown on screen at the same time. VR glasses with special built-in lenses ensure that these two images merge in the brain to create a 360° experience, literally offering the viewer a whole new perspective.

360° VIEW

  • The ultimate cardboard glasses for large print runs
  • Pre-assembled on delivery – quick assembly in less than 30 seconds
  • Can be shipped by postal service in cost-optimised packaging
  • Thumb holes for screen control


  • High-quality design
  • Fully assembled on delivery – ready to use
  • The largest field of vision on the market
  • Adjustable lenses for optimal adaptation to the face shape
  • Comfort pads for enhanced comfort
  • Headband for more freedom of movemet


  • Cost-effective solution
  • To be used as onpack promotions or any other promotional material
  • Quick assembly