Open your eyes to Virtual Reality

2016-09-19 –

Jet off to New York for your coffee break, go skydiving at midnight or tour your dream house over breakfast; Virtual Reality (VR) makes the impossible possible and is bursting with opportunity.

With VR, consumers can immerse themselves in a whole new world from the comfort of their sofa or office. All they need is a smartphone, internet access and VR glasses.

The VR glasses act as a smartphone holder, and upon looking through the glasses the mobile screen is transformed into a big screen. When VR pictures or videos taken with appropriate technology or studio-programmed animations are accessed through a smartphone, they are processed so that two images from different perspectives are both shown on screen at the same time. Built-in lenses inside the VR glasses ensure that these two images merge in the brain to create a 360° experience, literally offering the viewer a whole new perspective.  

Corrugated board VR glasses designed to reach mass market

Now making VR content accessible to an even wider audience are the 360° VIEW and 360° VIEWPRO VR glasses from STI Group. The company decided to launch its own lower cost range of glasses made from corrugated board as a marketing tool for its customers.

Although made from a low cost material, the glasses themselves are high quality – particularly the optical characteristics of the lenses with a wide 80° view. Both versions can be tailored to any brand, retailer or promotional message. This cardboard solution is perfect for brand owners, retailers or agencies looking to attract the attention of younger target audiences and add a sense of excitement with virtual content.

Different models for different uses

Flat-packed, 360° VIEW glasses are perfect for posting or make an ideal giveaway at events; they come flat-packed in an attractive corrugated board envelope.

The 360° VIEWPRO glasses are delivered fully assembled with the strap in place, have adjustable lenses and are extremely comfortable to wear.

A postcard version will be the next product to market. Ideal for attaching to classic gift packs or magazines thanks to its compact size, it offers optimised production in large quantities.

Virtual Reality: marketing trend of the future?  

Jakob Rinninger, Head of Business Development at packaging manufacturer STI Group, believes that VR applications for marketing are still in their infancy. ‘The medium works well across all industries. Whether it’s a trailer for a new blockbuster, a quick visit to the country your coffee beans come from, or a peek into the manufacturing process of a company – you can be so creative with VR content. But the key is to make that content easily accessible and offer users a great experience with real added value. It’s the content that should stand out, not the technology; so a high quality, easy-to-use product is paramount.’

‘Virtual beaming’ is already possible today thanks to VR glasses. Can’t make it in person for the live concert at Madison Square Garden? No problem. The 360° camera at the venue combined with 360° sound can bring a realistic-looking concert experience to your home.

For Rinninger and his team, corrugated board VR glasses constitute a further touchpoint in the customer journey. Great as an additional giveaway with a premium gift pack, as a coupon for the next store visit or as part of an in-store promotion, VR glasses are the latest addition to the instore promotional toolbox.


Image caption: The 360° VIEW (left) and the 360° VIEWPRO, made of corrugated board, deliver a high-quality VR experience. The 360° View glasses are ideal as promotional giveaways and can be shipped by post; the Pro version (right) is extremely comfortable to wear and is delivered fully pre-assembled.

Both Jakob Rinninger (left), Head of Business Development, STI Group, and Sales Director Kathrin Caspar-Bönsel are convinced that Virtual Reality has huge potential.