Nail that perfect look

Folding box with special enhancement

Lilac, ruby, coral ... no matter what colour outfit you choose, you’re bound to find a nail polish to complement your style in the SensatioNail® range. It’s made even easier when the attention-grabbing packaging truly reflects the sensational impact of the product inside.



With 66,000 retail outlets worldwide, Fing’rs is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of artificial nails and SensatioNail® is its leading at-home gel manicure system. SensatioNail® LED technology and professional gel formula together provide women with salon-quality results.

Supplying the European market from its production site in the Czech Republic, Fing’rs was looking for an innovative packaging partner with expertise in special finishes.

Sensational® gel nail polishes dress the nails in glittering colour that really gets the wearer noticed. It was really important to the marketing team that the packaging could showcase this effect without shoppers having to open the box.

STI Group’s team in Hungary found the solution, by highlighting two special areas of the packaging with screen-printed UV glitter spot varnish. This effect really stands out from the carton’s overall matt finish and means shoppers can not only see the difference easily, they can also feel it.

An insert flap integrated into the box design allows the nail polish to be held securely inside the box without the need for any additional parts. The biggest challenge to be overcome was in production, as the finished print had to match the nail polish colours exactly.

Folding box with special enhancement