Modular Display concept combines Efficiency and Elegance

2015-08-07 –

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Champagne is luxury and elegance.  However, logistics and efficiency play an important role even in this industry. This calls for intelligent solutions that reflect not just its elegant nature but also provide practical advantages.     

The POS concept developed by the STI Group for two Champagne brands POMMERY and Heidsieck Monopole from VRANKEN-POMMERY combines simplicity with exclusivity and enables effective communication. A standard basic design can be adapted for different brands using different print images. The modular solution allows cost-effective production, a high degree of flexibility and customisation. The embossing on silver foil produced for the first time in this size lends elegance and creates a ‘wow’ effect in retail.

Modular system saves time and costs

The display is available in three models with different prints, each matching the specific gift pack. The Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Brut in a yellow-blue colour scheme, Heidsieck Monopole Red Top Demi-sec in red and POMMERY Brut Royal in blue. The trays can be stocked with individual bottles, gift packs or metal cans. Printed and embossed fillers modeled on the display design are used for secondary displays that are delivered with just 48 bottles instead of 72. This way, one display type can be used to meet diverse retail requirements.

Foil embossing with a new dimension  

A complete silver foil lamination lends the pallet display a metallic look and underscores the high quality of the products. The primary packaging, bottle label and display thus form a coherent whole. Embossing on the topper and display cladding lends a 3D effect. The print on the inside – an oversized Champagne bottle – ensures that the special display looks attractive even when it is half empty as products are sold.  

The display concept also impressed the jury at this year’s POPAI DACH Awards. The Display solution won the ‘Gold’ in the beverage category.

Modular Display concept combines Efficiency and Elegance