Light and 3D impact

Royal protector Corvo Attano, or his grown-up daughter the Empress Emily Kaldwin – which role would you play to uncover what lies behind a conspiracy against the throne and a coup?  

New video game Dishonored 2 hit shelves in mid-November. In the video section of consumer electronics stores, the game release was showcased using eye-catching decorative elements made from corrugated board.  

The main characters form the centerpiece of the display. A die-cut attachment serves as an attention-grabbing feature to convey a sense of the gaming adventure to the target group. A composite face divided down the middle with a backlit blue acrylic panel shows at once that gamers can choose which role they would like to play at the start of the game. The illumination also catches the eye, making the launch impossible to miss.    

With a limited number of components, the display assembles quickly in store in a few simple steps, making it as popular with retailers and merchandisers as it is with shoppers.