It’s that time of the year again…but a little different!

Advent calendars make time fly faster and build up the joy of anticipation in the countdown to Christmas. And it’s not just kids; even grown-ups look forward to the 24 little surprises. The advent calendar has become a classic gift item and can be used for a variety of products (in trend).

The classic rectangular chocolate calendar may be the norm but it’s possible to create alternatives - novel, attractive advent calendars that convey the brand message most effectively. This is where the classic role of packaging comes into play. As a tool of communication, it is the touchpoint of the brand message at least 24 times – and not just for chocolate.

Mini Christmas tree with delectable decorations - Capsule calendar in hexagonal packaging

This advent calendar for tea or coffee capsules, resembling a fir tree, takes connoisseurs on a small journey of flavours across the world. The compartments can be opened through perforations, with 24 capsules offering plenty of variety.

Unlock the secrets of spices - Spice Calendar in book form with QR Code

A bit of fenugreek here, a dash of turmeric there – those who love trying out new recipes are often on the lookout for exotic spices, which are used in small amounts. This ‘cookbook’ spices up things for the gourmet at heart. The spice calendar is designed in an open-out book format and contains 24 exotic spices. In addition to this, the corresponding recipe for the spice behind each little door can be accessed via a smartphone using a QR code.

Keep ‘em coming! – Treats for the pampered pet

A lineup of indulgent treats that will keep the family pet happy in the run-up to Christmas! With a provision for hanging, the calendar enhances the look of the feeding area. It has 24 pouches fixed to clip strips, which can be taken off one at a time.