Hurra pack

Rossmann’s Hurra pack means new parents can look forward to plenty of free gifts when their baby arrives.

Part of the Baby Bonus Club, this free pack is designed to increase customer engagement. Young expectant parents often think well ahead about which care products and foods to use for their new baby. The Bonus Club enables Rossmann to offer its customers a helpful service during one of the most exciting phases of their lives.

Guaranteed gifts

Parents can register free for the drugstore chain’s Baby Bonus Club in person at any store, or online, either during pregnancy or following the birth. Once the baby is born, parents receive a voucher to redeem at their local Rossmann store for their Hurra pack, which contains a range of product samples and a soft toy.

As well as discount coupons and a club magazine for parents, the child will receive a gift in the post to celebrate their first and second birthdays.

Unboxing experience

Perfect for the occasion is the Hurra pack design, developed by STI Group. The highlight is the unboxing experience; a ribbon-style slipcase makes the pack look gift-like, building anticipation about the pack contents. Partial spot UV and matt varnishes enhance the visual impact. A custom cardboard insert secures the changing range of seasonal and partner products being promoted at any given time.

Added value

In addition to the unboxing experience, the appealing Hurra pack has a further practical use. Parents can put pictures of their child, personal details and a few favourite items inside and use it as a baby memory box.

Loyalty programs on the rise

Loyalty programs are extremely popular in German retail and an increasing number of retailers are using this tool to drive customer loyalty to their brand. According to a Retail Loyalty Programs* survey conducted by Nielsen in 63 different countries, 72% of German shoppers are enrolled in at least one customer loyalty program.