Get a Taste of Italy

Tasty and healthy, tuna is one of the most popular fish; and most of the tuna on German tables comes from Saupiquet.

A market leader, Saupiquet offers tuna in oil, without oil, as a salad, as a spread and for pasta, making it the only full-range supplier in Germany. All its products are based on Italian recipes, catering to the German love for Italian food.

"The Italian Dolce Vita is not only our inspiration for creating new recipes, but for building our entire brand," explains Helmut Bröker, Managing Director, Saupiquet Deutschland. "Saupiquet has been a part of Rio Mare, the international tuna brand owned by the Italian Bolton Group, for over 15 years now."

Top Brand 2015

Italian positioning and innovative trend-driven products are crucial to this legacy company, based on 125 years of experience. A successful strategy to date, borne out by the 'Top Marke 2015' (Top Brand 2015) Award in the canned fish category from Lebensmittel Zeitung, a leading food retail newspaper in Germany. Being a 'Top Marke' signifies that the brand has been steadily winning over new customers and therefore makes a valuable retail partner.

Top Retail Presence

"Canned tuna accounts for about 43% of all canned fish sold. It knocked herring off the top spot long ago, but this development is not yet reflected on store shelves, hence our urgent need for secondary displays," says Bröker.

To maintain a coherent brand presence, Saupiquet presents its products in displays that have  an unmistakably Italian flavour. A highlight in store is the corrugated board Piaggio Ape, which showcases the entire range of Saupiquet products away from the canned fish category. "Authentic secondary displays bring a touch of Italy to the point of sale,“ adds Bröker. The solution gets top marks not only for its visibility but also its easy handling: the display casing is fixed to the pallet at the co-packer, leaving only the Ape cab to be assembled in store.