For The Perfect Smile

Every woman’s trio of beauty must-haves: mascara for a seductive look, blusher for a fresh glow, lipstick for kissable lips. And now there’s a fourth finishing touch you can’t do without – Signal White Now Touch.

This revolutionary pen consists of special particles to instantly brighten the teeth for a few hours, creating the foundation for your perfect smile. It comes in a handy size, fits in any bag and is easy to apply. ‘White Now Touch is perfect for anyone who values how they look – whether it’s styling at home or for a touch-up on the go. This is also reflected in its marketing communication as the slogan reads: ‘The new make up for my smile’, says Sandra de Lassus, Brand Manager for Signal France.

Cross-merchandising promotion

The Signal oral care line is using an unconventional approach to promote its teeth-whitening pen to target grocery shoppers, with a primary placement in dental care aisles and a secondary display in cosmetics sections. ‘Our Signal White Now toothpaste was a groundbreaking product for instantly whiter teeth. Adding White Now Touch alongside our tried-and-tested toothpaste on dental care shelves strengthens the brand and unlocks cross-selling potential. However, when shoppers are seeking products to create the perfect look, they don’t head for the toothpaste aisle – they browse the cosmetics section. That’s why we also wanted a presence there,’ explains de Lassus.

For an eye-catching presence in different retail environments, Signal uses high-quality POS materials. In the dental care section, glorifiers around a real pen create displays with true show-stopping appeal. In retail outlets where primary displays are not an option, small parasite units are used to trigger impulse purchases. Premium corrugated floor-standing units or permanent plastic displays with a giant 3D pen highlight the product in the cosmetics sections and aisles of classic supermarkets. A common feature of all the POS solutions is a feminine, elegant design tailored to the target group, designed to make it feel attractive and desirable. The brilliant white tip of the pen creates an impact and shows how the product works, inspiring shopper confidence.

Complete POS toolkit

Displays were created from a comprehensive toolkit. Each country can pick the specific POS solutions it needs for its product launch from this kit. Solutions include glorifiers and shelf frames, counter displays and floor-standing displays, as well as permanent and island displays. Diverse country-specific and retail-specific requirements, including differences in local shopper behaviour, were all factored into the creation of the toolkit.

Successful product launch

White Now Touch was launched in France in December 2016 and will be launched in other European countries during 2017. The product launch was accompanied by television and online campaigns. ‘Individual activities were closely aligned and complemented each other wonderfully. Overall, the launch far exceeded our first month expectations and has generated sales of over a million euros already,’ says de Lassus, delighted with the results.