Flexible display for Barilla

Apart from grilled sausages, Barilla's Italian pasta and sauce specialties are a perfect accompaniment for football matches. The in-store promotion for the European football championship with the new endorsement for Barilla by Thomas Müller and his wife Lisa has a simple and clever design.

Depending on the set-up area available, four or eight pallet displays are dressed with an attractive pallet skirt. The standees of Thomas Müller and his wife are the centerpiece of the decoration and grab the attention of shoppers even from far. The poster with the two cardboard tubes also catches the eye from a long distance. A premium-quality display pedestal with acrylic box, a real football and individual eye-catchers are all part of the promotional contest by the pasta producer. Packed as a set, the entire deco-kit easily fits into the car trunk of sales reps.

Promotional display for European Championship