Exclusive banderoles and labels for premium meat products

Hubertus Agro Bt. manages quality livestock breeding, crop production, hunting and forestry in Kéthely, Sáripuszta. Farming several thousand hectares, this is a company that aims to work in harmony with nature. For years, its mission has been to sustainably manage and enrich the flora and fauna of Nagyberek.

Board banderoles for meat trays: ’Skin’ pack

The board banderoles wrapping the range of meat trays are manufactured by STI Group. Since February 2015, consumers have been able to find Terra Pannonia products – exclusive to the Hungarian market – displayed enticingly in the freezing counters of Spar and Interspar stores in Hungary.

A team of STI designers developed a special form-cut board banderole that is extremely resistant to the temperature changes and high humidity found in chiller cabinets. Graphics include an appetizing photo of prepared meat dishes, made even more attention grabbing by enhancing with glossy UV varnish.

Self-adhesive label for ‘gastro’ packaged meat products

Hubertus Bt. has also entrusted the Kecskemét plant to produce self-adhesive labels for meat product packaging, to harmonize with the meat trays ordered by restaurants and catering facilities. Label colours are based on the brownish hues of cattle and this colour scheme unites the whole range of Terra Pannonia meat products. Offset-printed, these premium adhesive labels are then highlighted with low-migration gloss UV varnish.