Encapsulating success

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), number two in the world coffee market, has been focusing on its new generation aluminium capsules since late 2016. JDE has introduced 19 coffee varieties to the market since the end of 2016, inspiring coffee lovers all over the world with their flavours and aromas.

First launched in France, the L’OR aluminium capsule was then introduced to 17 other countries and 6 brands by the end of 2017. In Germany the product was launched under the brand name Jacobs and JDE achieved a market share of almost 25% in just four months.

Worldwide Launch

The capsules have made an incredibly successful start in all markets: on average, an impressive 49% sales increase compared to 2016. JDE‘s share is continuing to grow globally – in Nordics, UK, Greece, Ireland, Austria and Brazil new records on share are achieved. France and the Netherlands developed to a market share of 44% and 48%; in the Spanish market JDE even reached 50% of all capsule sales.

Packaging and Displays

To enhance differentiation on shelf, the L‘OR packaging was designed to look truly special. A triangular die-cut window shows a tempting glimpse of the all-important golden capsule inside its pack, the window shape emulating the curved ‘L’ of the L‘OR logo. UV gloss coats the brightly-coloured flavour indicator running along the window edge, creating an added visual highlight.

The golden capsule and its elegant packaging formed the inspiration for the worldwide POS range. ‘Our in-store presence was key to bring the magic and premiumness of the L’OR aluminium capsules into the stores, across the full shoppers path to purchase’ says Montse Ratera, Global Shopper Marketing Manager JDE. ‘Our launch concept needed to be high quality, efficient and customisable so we decided on a few core display types. Using similar elements across markets saves time, effort and money. But we still wanted flexibility to adapt our display designs to the needs of different retailers and account for local consumer preferences.’

Online POS configuration tool

JDE is breaking new ground in managing its European POS requirements. An online tool which includes all existing display structures and designs serves as a reference guide and inspiration for marketing and shopper marketing managers in every country. It also provides a source of inspiration, because customising an existing construction is far more time- and cost-efficient than developing a whole new display. The online platform allows requirements across countries to be amalgamated, optimising production savings and minimising assembly costs for JDE.