Displays of Affection

Find the perfect partner for any pasta

Need inspiration? Or just not sure which pasta and sauce would make the most mouthwatering combination? Find your answer in this special interactive retail display that helps shoppers choose the perfect match, as part of Barilla’s shopper marketing campaign: ’An Italian Love Story’.

The campaign, using the tagline ’Pasta & Sauce – Inseparable’, is communicated in store by dressing up standard displays to create one large umbrella-branded island display, where the full range of pasta and sauce products is grouped together in one location. Pallet cladding is made with a repeating design so it can easily be tailored to the number of pallets used, ensuring visual consistency. The centrepiece of the display is a large heart that can be spun like a wheel of fortune, giving shoppers ideal combinations of pasta with pesto or sauces. Cook-at-home recipe cards are available from the handy dispenser.

Don’t want to decide right now, or don’t feel much like cooking tonight? Your perfect partner is still within reach – just grab a ready meal instead!