Candle Calendar

Combine your favourite Christmas traditions with this clever Advent calendar. Sliding the slipcase upwards reveals the golden flames sitting atop four Advent candles and in doing so, gains access to the most important part: 24 wrapped chocolate treats hidden behind a convenient pull-out chute.

Special packaging for Advent is experiencing a real boom, with 80 million Advent calendars being produced in Germany every year, 50 million of which are sold within the country. In 2018, sales of this popular packaging are expected to exceed 100 million euros. (Source: Sweets Global Network).

Which Advent calendar is right for you? Department store displays suggest that premium Advent calendars are gaining in popularity. The simple chocolate is experiencing some serious competition from higher quality contents that are often not even confectionery-based. Calendars containing cosmetics, tools or books, in fir tree or candle shapes, with licensed characters such as Minions, or classic Disney favourites, are in high demand. Christmas offers manufacturers a unique opportunity to stage their brand for an ever-expanding target audience. No longer seen as an exclusively children's product, today’s range of Advent calendars hold equal appeal for loved ones of any age - even pets!

Will this premium trend continue? Most likely, because the quality of the Advent calendar must ultimately be aligned with the quality of the brand it represents. There will always be room for simple though - there is nothing like a sweet treat every day to make Christmas worth the wait!