Blue Click® pallet revolutionises the POS

Rolled out to French retailers around a year ago, the CHEP Blue Click® pallet has been revolutionising product presentation at the POS.

The new generation of load carriers is lighter, easier to handle, CO2-neutral and, because of the Blue Click system, ensures trouble-free display assembly.

Since the introduction of the first generation CHEP quarter pallet over 20 years ago, STI Group display experts have developed and implemented numerous POS solutions that optimise the combination of pallet and display. Designs are as varied and versatile as the attachment options. While the CHEP quarter pallet has been in use nationwide in Germany for many years it has only more recently penetrated other parts of Europe, including France.

POS experts have been swift to integrate the latest generation of CHEP pallets, resulting in displays that are designed to combine with the Blue Click® system even more quickly and easily than their predecessors. One example of a recent solution is the Butterfly Base.

Butterfly Base – light as a butterfly

Designed to carry up to 150 kg, the key to this innovative base lies in its pre-glued internal supports, which straighten automatically when the base is pushed into shape. This reduces material use by 15% while also speeding up assembly, because the supports no longer need to be constructed separately and then inserted into the base. When combined with the new Blue Click® range from CHEP, which only requires the display to be inserted into the pallet slots, assembly time is cut by an impressive 50%.

Easy Coat – attractive and stable

Easy Coat is a logistics-oriented display in which base and shell are both created from a single print sheet. Its clever construction means the inside of the display has a printed finish, giving a premium look despite a 40% material saving. Blue Click® attachment enables the display to be fastened securely to the pallet for additional stability.

This intelligent design – which also allows it to be fastened to the pallet with only one hand – delivers a 30% time saving on assembly without compromising its aesthetics.

Loved by brands and retailers

Carrefour, Leclerc, ITM, Casino, System U and Auchan – the six largest French retailers – applaud the new CHEP pallet and its easy handling. Brand owners appreciate the versatility and time saving it offers, and are focusing increasingly on the new quarter pallet to optimise their product presentation.