Bahlsen ups the fun factor in retail

’Different is more fun’ according to the PiCK UP! tagline, which is also reflected in the advertising for the Bahlsen’s PiCK UP! minis retail launch. This is an excellent example of integrating offline and online campaigns.

Since May, mini versions of the popular PiCK UP! bars have been creating a buzz at the point of sale, entertaining shoppers in an unexpected way. Once in store, shoppers simply install the PiCK UP! live app on their smartphone and point it at the totem standee, one of the visual merchandising elements for the retail launch campaign. The PiCK UP! bar transforms into a virtual character, that the shopper can take a selfie with and share on social media. In this way target group shoppers are spreading the word themselves, driven by a positive brand experience – fun, authentic, anything but boring. That‘s PiCK UP! minis for you.

POS material creates a brand experience

As well as the totem standee, a giant PiCK UP! pack builds shopper awareness about this 'Meet & Greet' campaign with integrated Augmented Reality. Designed and produced by STI Group, the giant pack is suspended from an over-pallet archway. A further diecut standee complements the POS suite and helps to bring the characters to life.

Is 'different’ more successful as well as more fun?

’A young brand with the fun factor can successfully leverage it at the point of sale,’ explains Claudia Rivinius, STI Group Marketing Director. ’Being different – using digital integration to enhance the brand experience – has definitely been a success in this case. The target group plays a pivotal role; AR apps are perfect for reaching out to young, social media-savvy shoppers. These apps encourage pro-active engagement and are effective because they create an emotional connection between consumer and brand. We believe cross-channel launches like PiCK UP! minis are setting the standard for future POS concepts.’

Promotional display for Bahlsen