Bag-in-Box: Feeling fruity and unconventional unpacking experience

This fun solution screams ‘fruit’ while offering the ideal packaging for liquids. The vacuum-filled foil pouch with integrated tap allows easy dispensing and maximum product freshness, all protected by a branded cardboard exterior.

More than just a practical solution, bag-in-box packaging supports impressively creative designs. Not only is its communication space up to three times larger than a typical bottle label, it also allows a range of high quality finishes to suit the brand. Plenty of space remains to display mandatory ingredients and storage instructions without spoiling the aesthetics. 

The fruit juice pack immediately promises shoppers an unconventional – and memorable – unpacking experience. The decorative cardboard sleeve is machine-glued to the primary bag-in-box packaging, encouraging consumers to peel off the fruit ‘skin’ and enjoy the fresh fruit juice inside.