Advent calendar for L’Oréal

When looking at the advent calendar launched by L’Oréal in 2016, what springs to mind is far more than a ‘little something’. Developed by STI Group, these calendars are unique in shape, size and design. Special gift boxes for special women, the structure cleverly combines a full pampering experience with all the playfulness of advent window opening. Premium cartonboard makes the perfect substrate for this highly refined calendar.

Because you’re worth it!

L'Oreal make-up designer/ Paris offers women an opportunity to indulge herself before Xmas. The brand created a truly exceptional cube-shaped advent calendar. It contains every product you might desire for the ultimate pampering experience – from nail polish to mascara, eyeliner and lipstick, and each with the highest quality. The perfect place to unwrap your gift every morning is of course the bathroom. For this reason, it made sense to move away from the traditional flat wall-hanging calendar. Not only are wall calendars awkward to hang in bathrooms, their shape is not as appealing for women. STI Group elevated this cube-shaped packaging solution to the status of an elegant gift using shimmering offset-printed metallised cardboard, with detailed die-cutting to create the perforated windows. Inside, the products nestle securely in a corrugated cardboard insert with moulded plastic supports on four sides.  The Christmas project spanned the entire production process, from design and development right through to delivery of finished packaging to 15 countries.

Bringing nail polish home

For the 2016 season, seasonal treats from L’Oréal are not just limited to calendars. The current range includes other festive gifts, such as little houses containing nail polish and special Christmas sweets in simple yet attractive Christmas-themed boxes. Two variants of cracker-shaped gift pack and five winter house designs were devised by STI Group packaging experts and contain inserts to hold the nail polishes securely in place. Viewing windows beautifully present the festive range of Essie nail polish shades, from browns reminiscent of steaming hot chocolate to reds that form the perfect colour base for any Christmas celebration.

In time for Christmas

Designed for co-packing locally, all the box variants and inserts were shipped flat to 15 different countries. This created a huge logistical challenge that was well met by STI Group’s experienced distribution team in Hungary, who delivered everything on time. After all, a quick glance at any calendar will tell you that Christmas doesn’t wait for anyone!