3D gift box for gift cards

Gift vouchers are a popular gift, and have moved with the times; almost all major retailers and brands now offer vouchers in electronic gift card format. Yet these vouchers are often still traditionally presented inside a mundane folded card. Introducing a more playful gift box helps to enhance the perceived value of the gift, creates a special unboxing experience for the recipient and increases the anticipation of shopping.

Decathlon is a global sports goods retailer, part of a network of innovative retail companies and brands dedicated to sports enthusiasts. Despite already using a 3D gift box for its gift vouchers, the company wanted to revamp the structure and graphic design to make it more innovative and exciting for the recipient.  

Designers from STI Display Emballage Création S.A.R.L. in France collaborated closely with packaging experts at STI Group’s Hungarian plant to develop a simple yet brilliant gift box. STI France also designed the matching display.  

Gift boxes summer and winter edition

Heightening anticipation  

The rectangular cardboard carton resembles a typical gift box. But when the lid is opened, a contour-cut insert pops up adding a 3D element of surprise. Secured in place behind a flap, the gift card is still easy to remove and the packaging has space for an extra little gift or two if desired.  

Carefully targeted graphics show various Decathlon products in use, to build the recipient’s appetite for sports activities. A printed classic gift ribbon runs around the box, both in the blue summertime pack and the red Christmas version, while UV varnish lends it a glossy finish overall. A neat personal touch is the unvarnished gift tag printed on the lid, providing space for the recipient’s name.    

Thinking inside the box  

At the copacker the 3D insert glued inside the packaging pops up automatically, making filling quick and simple. Equally impressive is the convenience that this prepacked box design offers retailers. A slit at the back of the box allows the card code to be scanned at the checkout and loaded with the desired gift amount, without having to open the box.

Gift Boxes

POS display mirrors gift box  

Resembling a giant gift box, secondary displays create an attention-grabbing look in Decathlon stores in 13 European countries. Four cubes accommodate 27 gift boxes each, while a fifth cube engages shoppers by offering a demonstration of the fun pop-up mechanism inside. In smaller stores and on checkout counters, a single module helps drive impulse sales.