Creating World Cup excitement in store

The Football World Cup kick-off in Russia on 14th June will see football fans of all ages gathering at public venues, at football stadiums, in pubs and in living rooms, to watch rival teams fight for the coveted trophy at this most eagerly-awaited sporting event of 2018.

Brands are perfectly placed to capitalise on football fans’ inexhaustible enthusiasm for watching World Cup matches with their friends and colleagues. Traditional fan merchandise such as garlands, flags and face paint can be complemented by alcoholic drinks, food and other accessories in national team colours, giving fans even more ways to show their support at public screenings. This is an excellent opportunity for brand owners to boost sales by actively promoting their products to target groups. Giveaways and fun packaging can be especially effective at converting shoppers into brand fans.

Retailers can also benefit enormously from this communal mega-event. World Cup-themed packaging and displays that showcase the tournament can trigger shopper motivations, make the shopping experience a lot more fun and drive increased basket spend.

Miniature Football

This packaging integrates a finger-football game, transforming quickly into two miniature players and a goal wall. Compare your goal scoring skill with this pre-match warm-up.

Trick Shot

A fun addition for match days, this panorama packaging for liqueurs doubles up as a dexterity challenge, for double the entertainment at half time or during commercial breaks.

Special Edition Table Football

The must-have for any football party! When opened, the sliding box converts into a mini table football game. Beverage cans slot into the recesses to act as goalposts, and miniature players are included.

Goal scoring Gateway

This island display’s inviting walk-through area helps to build World Cup excitement in store while drawing shoppers deeper into the brand world. Perfect for tie-ins and cross promotions, it is both disruptive and immersive.


Appealing to shoppers’ playful instincts, this display encourages interaction and increased brand engagement, creates a positive perception of the product and ultimately drives purchase. It can even be used as a giveaway for store staff or shoppers after the promotion.