In line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Accounting and Reporting
Standards, we track our corporate carbon footprint every year.

As a service, we can also determine the carbon footprint of
any product ordered through us.

Both procedures are externally validated.

CO2 compensation is the final step on our path to net zero:
at the customer’s request, all unavoidable emissions are compensated via a partner through a framework of jointly selected projects.
Climate-neutral production is currently not possible, but compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions generated during manufacturing is an option. 
We intend to continue expanding renewable energy use in our production plants and to invest, for example, in our own solar panel systems.
Through our ISO-certified energy management, we also work on continuously improving our production’s energy efficiency.


Sustainability statements about packaging and displays must be reliable, comparable and transparent, and ideally supported by reference systems/labelling or independent third parties.

Materials origin and the recycling process are both relevant for closing loops. This information can be shared transparently with shoppers via a packaging QR code, or anchored in the GTIN via a digital link.

How can you marke your packaging and 
POS presence more sustainable?    Request our free guide, 
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Need inspiration? Our product finder contains over 500 successful campaigns, from packaging to temporary and permanent display.

Product References

How could you become more sustainable?
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