We help brands achieve their sustainability goals
by actively supporting them to implement change.

Our aim is to create packaging and display solutions that:

  • conserve resources
  • avoid plastics
  • can be recycled as efficiently as possible.

STI Group’s Sustainability Scorecard is a consulting tool to create transparency, compare options and drive action.
This method of evaluation considers the value chain end to end, from design to recycling.

From idea to implementation:Explore our best practice solutions


STI Group’s Circular Innovation programme is a holistic approach to developing solutions that are sustainable right from the start.

Our sustainability strategy aims to maximise the recycling efficiency of packaging. We do this by designing monomaterial paper-based solutions and extending the range of potential applications by using, for example, innovative barrier solutions.

  • We develop packaging and displays for a true circular economy
  • Zero waste is our claim; net zero emissions are our goal
  • We are FSC®-certified and also calculate the PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) for more transparency, and were the first European supplier in the corrugated board industry to do so
  • Our design teams use a material compass to develop resource-optimised solutions
  • The STI Sustainability Scorecard helps us to optimise sustainability during development
  • Our sustainable finishes provided added value and help to differentiate our customers

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