Display on Demand

Display on Demand combines generic display elements with customised components. Perfect for quick and cost-effective customization, it particularly benefits smaller production runs. Companies can tailor their market presence to new products, brands, seasons, countries and retailers, swiftly and easily.

Display on Demand is suitable for retail-ready merchandising units that are shipped to store prefilled with stock, as well as flatpacked displays that are filled with the products at the POS.


Pack-to-Order applies the Just In Time production principle. Displays are assembled, filled and delivered on schedule according to exact demand. This allows marketing managers to respond precisely to market requirements and prevent waste in the supply chain. 

Small orders

For smaller display orders, our large-format digital machines can print directly to substrate with sheet sizes of up to 1650 x 3200 mm. This high-quality, high-speed printing is supported by a high-output plotter, which quickly cuts the material to shape. Excellent quality and high productivity is possible within a short leadtime.