Sustainable Production

As a responsible organisation, STI Group is committed not just to protecting the environment but also to high standards of quality assurance.

Safety and environmental protection are a management responsibility and the ISO 14001 standard forms the globally accepted basis for our environmental management system. Sustainability is an integral component of STI Group’s corporate culture; all employees receive regular environmental protection training and are responsible for implementing relevant measures.

The following points are the mainstay of our company policy. We:

  • primarily manufacture products from renewable and recyclable raw materials
  • fully recycle the paper and cardboard waste generated during production
  • consider the environmental impact of our investments and procurements
  • strive to reduce energy consumption long term and continuously improve our energy efficiency and energy-related performance
  • deploy appropriate and preventive work, fire and environmental safety measures in designing employee workstations
  • aim to fulfill stringent customer hygiene requirements for our production and products, using appropriate measures and hygiene standards
  • use modern communication media, facilitating swift and secure information flow