Social Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes the responsibility that companies bear towards the environment, society and economy.

Demonstrating social commitment and helping people is a long tradition in our family enterprise. We firmly believe that it is the people who make a company successful; thus social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture.  

Sports and cultural associations, nurseries, schools and many universities all benefit from our support - and our commitment often goes beyond mere cash donations. For instance, we provide entire school districts with ‘clutter crates’, produce corrugated board components for student-run enterprises, provide student training and participate in vacation activities for children. Our committed employees contribute great ideas and bring a lot of enthusiasm to these projects.  


Since 1983, our Wilhelm-Stabernack-Stiftung foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of euros to support recognised charities and cases of social hardship as part of its long-term commitment to the Vogelsberg region.


In 2005 Dr. Kristina Stabernack also established a non-profit association, Home for Kids, to provide psychotherapeutic support to traumatized children. Foundation funds are used to help these vulnerable children to take a step towards a normal life, and most projects are carried out in collaboration with the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Centre. Home for Kids also helps to fund international relief projects in conflict zones in South East Europe, Africa and the Near and Middle East.