‘You’re Great!’

The ‘You’re Great!’ television game show, featuring boxes from STI Group, will be aired in June 2016. It is the third year that STI Group senior managers have agreed to support the colourful contest, made up of teams from Hungarian and transborder Hungarian primary schools.

Ready, Steady, Go

The family-friendly competition took place in Kecskemét Spa on 7 May, when both the semi-finals and finals were recorded. Teams competed in six colours, each supported by a famous Hungarian actor or athlete.

The boxes designed and manufactured by STI Group appeared in a game called ‘Collecting Balloons’. Made of corrugated board, the boxes were dressed in tile-like graphics and resisted the wet environment well thanks to a laminated layer of plastic film.

Team Flags

Naturally the atmosphere in the grandstands becomes tenser as the games go on, with everyone screaming and clapping to encourage their team. STI Group thought of the supporters as well, giving each team a paper flag displaying their team colours.

The battle was fought, the results were announced and the most persistent were duly rewarded. Who were they? All will be revealed in due course. If you’re desperate to find out the identity of the winning team, just tune into channel TV2 in June and enjoy the show!